Brent Persia currently resides in Western New York and performs as both an acoustic one-man-band and also as a DJ.
Styles of music performed include originals as well as popular and alternative covers from the past and today.
There is an art to matching the music to the occasion and Brent's music can be tailored to any party, wedding, nightclub, or lounge setting!
For parties Brent brings an awesome catalog of well-known upbeat pop singalong hits.
When it comes to weddings, Brent has performed at dozens of them and is even ordained and has conducted several marriage ceremonies!
For nightclubs, Brent's DJ music catalog is very extensive and he regularly makes his own remixes. Styles of DJ music include Top 40, EDM, Progressive House, Hip Hop, Old School, 80s, 90s, Country and Rock.
When it comes to relaxing acoustic music it is worth mentioning that Brent got his start in live performance as primarily a singer-songwriter.
Today Brent's live guitar can be mixed with crafted dj samples using foot pedals, resulting in a sound that is high energy and as big as a band.
Brent Persia's show makes an audience want to get up and dance!
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